Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last I blogged, the roofing was ready to come on.  Luckily and much to my dismay, I checked and found that the color was wrong.  The contractor admitted that they were at fault and Amcan resupplied a new colour. Last week, the new roofing was only delivered.  A lesson here is to use the product code.  The main contractor gave me some samples and I (or more correctly, the wife) chose the colour.  However since there was no product code, I explained the colour over the phone.  Somewhere along the line, the wrong colour was transmitted to AMCAN.   There are some suspicions though that there may have been a deal as AMCAN wanted to sell a lower cost but higher spec product (with thermal protection) as leftovers from the KLIA2 project.

The beams have also arrived.  So a busy 2 weeks lie ahead.


  1. can l have your contact? I want to meet you and visit this project :-) I am comming back to Kuching from UK next week. Hope to build my new house in kuching soon :-)

  2. cinemaboy I emailed to u but u didn't reply. You can contact me on koonsiang at gmail