Thursday, October 23, 2014

Latest Pic

Shows the window louvres shielding the house from the direct sun.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yes it has been depressing but the good news is that we will finally be moving in Nov 2014! More to come....

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Attic sealed (on 1 side)

The front wall of the Attic has finally been sealed.  This was where the rain was coming in much to my distress.  The wall was suppose to be cement planks 9 mm thick but the contract, to save cost no doubt, persuaded me that 6mm 4ft by 8 ft sheets be cut up into 1 foot wide strips.  It actually looks quite good.
So in 2 weeks (maybe), all 4 sides will be sealed.  Windows and Doors are all in now.  The locks, hinges, latches and bolts will be delivered tomorrow and next week will see the whole house sealed.  Final plastering will be also next week.  Thats the plan anyway.
Notice the front attic wall

Friday, October 19, 2012

Update - close to finishing line

I have been tardy updating this site.  I guess it was because of disappointment over the slow pace and also issues on financing.   Having a load of cash helps a lot to keep the cash-flow while the loan disburses the progress payment.  The bank does not really release progress payments in the form of percentage completed but in terms of specific work such as concrete works, plumbing works, roofing or whatever is itemised in your agreement.  They will only pay on completion of each item so those of you who get bank loans please note.

However the work has picked up again.  The red brick walls has been late because the contractor insists he rejected a few shipments because of consistency in quality in individual bricks and colour.  The photos will show the red brick walls.  These will be painted with transparent paint.

The same sub contractors are starting work on the tiles in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen.

The electrical work is going on now.  In a week, I can ship in the windows and doors for fitting on the frames.  Then I can move in all the furniture I have ordered over the months!  I hope they are still in good condition.

This pic shows the kitchen from the inside.
The inside of the red brick will be tiled.
By this time the works has been completed.

The kitchen is larger than I anticipated so space utilisation would be a challenge.

The Selangan Batu flooring is completed and it is an absolute beauty.  I am stunned with the effect and the joints are good and so far there the quality of the drying has also been good as there are no gaps forming.

With some stain and polishing it will be even better.

This pic is self explanatory.  Note the effect of the red brick.  The concrete planks for the attic is late and I am unhappy.

Thank you for comments again.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Update May 2012

The roof is almost finished but workers are stopping work because of Gawai.
However the plastering is almost finished.  The beams for the floors are coming on.
This side roof completed. Also plastering 
Inside view from Dining

View 1st floor from Family Room

View 1st floor Family Room
Not happy with the roof as the colour looks uneven.  Contractor assures me after cleaning the "dirt", it will look better

The beams should all be laid this week.
I do like the selangan batu beams.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last I blogged, the roofing was ready to come on.  Luckily and much to my dismay, I checked and found that the color was wrong.  The contractor admitted that they were at fault and Amcan resupplied a new colour. Last week, the new roofing was only delivered.  A lesson here is to use the product code.  The main contractor gave me some samples and I (or more correctly, the wife) chose the colour.  However since there was no product code, I explained the colour over the phone.  Somewhere along the line, the wrong colour was transmitted to AMCAN.   There are some suspicions though that there may have been a deal as AMCAN wanted to sell a lower cost but higher spec product (with thermal protection) as leftovers from the KLIA2 project.

The beams have also arrived.  So a busy 2 weeks lie ahead.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Roof and Door/WindowFrames starting

aluminum sheets are now coming onto of the trusses.  This week, the rock wool insulation and Kliplock roof will come on this week.  Note also the door and window frames are now coming on.  So we should be expecting final brickwork and plastering within this 2 weeks.  This is a frantic time as I have to ensure all plumbing work, electrical conduits, alarm systems have to be built in before they put in the final plaster.

This shows the sheets on the trusses but with without the window/door frames.  Note the clearing next to the house.  The neighbor is also building his house.  A single storey detached house.

Front View
Front view
The front exposed brick wall is coming up.  A lesson in supervision, I was just in time to stop them putting up a wall in the lounge.  This was supposed to be a folding wooden wall.  They didn't read the plans!

Rear Right View
Rear Left View