Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Update May 2012

The roof is almost finished but workers are stopping work because of Gawai.
However the plastering is almost finished.  The beams for the floors are coming on.
This side roof completed. Also plastering 
Inside view from Dining

View 1st floor from Family Room

View 1st floor Family Room
Not happy with the roof as the colour looks uneven.  Contractor assures me after cleaning the "dirt", it will look better

The beams should all be laid this week.
I do like the selangan batu beams.


  1. where is your house actually and ur roof c/w any cotton wool and wire mesh?

  2. No - I dispensed with the wire mesh as they are weak and will rot. Instead I use an aluminum sheet and sandwiched in between is rock wool. It works very well and very little heat is transmitted. Pl email me if you want to know the location

  3. Hi Chin, my email is socall@hotmail.com. Preparing to built a house and resources for idea and with minimal cost implication. :)

  4. Your house is looking better now. As for the roof, you can paint it with a fresh coat of paint of your desired color. It will update your house’s curb appeal. One pointer is that, be sure to coat it first with acrylic latex elastomeric paint, as it will help your roof resist corrosion, and it requires less preparation prior to application. Allow it to dry for two hours before applying the additional coat.

  5. It may not look like it, but this is a big and spacious house. Choosing your roof color is actually a tough decision, but I’d suggest that you paint it white for the meantime. That way it can keep the roof cool. You’ll feel the effect inside your house, too. That’ll definitely save you from having to consume electricity from using your air conditioner, and other ventilation appliances.

  6. I agree with painting the roof white. Do you know that it could also help the environment? If all the communities will apply that method, it’s definitely going to be effective. Here I came across an article which tells more details about it. Hope you like it!


  7. Hey Chin! I’ll go for painting your roof with white, too. Hope you have read the article Linda provided here. It has lots of information about the environmental advantages of white roof. However, you also have to match the color of your roof to the color of your house. That means you’ll go through a lot of thinking. Hehe! But meanwhile, you can go for the white one.

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